Elmers Big Parade Charity Quiz!

Killik & Co are sponsoring an Elmer the elephant in Elmer’s Big Parade, in partnership with Wild in Art, St Elizabeth’s Hospice and Andersen Press!

As a follow on from the success of the Wild In Art’s “Pigs Gone Wild” trail in 2016, St Elizabeth’s Hospice are partnering up with Andersen Press to create Elmer’s Big Parade in Summer 2019. Each Elmer is sponsored by a business and individually decorated by an independent artist, and on reaching the end of their parade, will be auctioned to raise valuable funds for St Elizabeth Hospice. 

The Elmer sponsored by Killik & Co will sit proudly at the front of Crown House for all the town to see.

This partnership comes at even more poignant a time with St Elizabeth’s Hospice, Elmer and Killik & Co all celebrating their 30th birthdays this year!

Lets start the fundraising with a Charity Quiz!

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2019

Location: Endeavor House Ipswich

Cost : £5 per person with a maximum of 6 people per team

Bring your own food and drink and a prize will be awarded for the winning team. All proceeds will go to St Elizabeths Hospice.

If you’re interested, then please send an email to Ipswich.events@killik.com